Dambusters The Film - The Dilemma 1 of 8

The DamBusters film was made in 1954 and is a British war film, set during the Second World War, and documenting the true story of the RAF's 617 Squadron, the development of the "bouncing bomb", and Operation Chastise - the attack on the Ruhr dams in Germany. It stars Michael Redgrave as Barnes Wallis, and Richard Todd as Wing Commander Guy Gibson.

The movie was based on the books The DamBusters by Paul Brickhill and Enemy Coast Ahead by Guy Gibson.

The opening of the film, with Dr. Barnes Wallis fiddling with his new idea and explaining the situation with dams to a friend.

Dambusters The Film - The Solution 2 of 8

Dr. Barnes Wallis presents to some government officials his plan to blow the German dams: bouncing bombs.

Dambusters The Film - Searchlights 3 of 8

Wing Commander Guy Gibson discovers a way to site the Lancaster's' distance from the water at night. This wasn't how it happened, but you gotta admit it makes good cinema.

Dambusters The Film - The Takeoff 4 of 8

The airmen of 617 squadron take off in their Lancaster's. Their target: the dams in the Ruhr Valley.

Dambusters The Film - Entering Enemy Territory 5 of 8

The Lancaster's, armed with bouncing bombs, head towards the dams a very low level, they come under heavy anti-aircraft fire and are tracked by search lights.

Dambusters The Film - The First Dam 6 of 8

The Lancaster's attack their first target, the Mohne Dam, The Flak (anti-Aircraft) Guns are very heavy!

Dambusters The Film - The Second Dam 7 of 8

The Lancaster's take on their next target, the Eder Dam, Only three Bombs Left but at least there is no Flak!

Dambusters The Film - Conclusion 8 of 8

The end of the film. A bittersweet yet patriotic one.